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Complete Guide to Google Meet Companion Mode

In a meeting room, Google Meet companion mode gives you access to all of the interactive features you’re used to having. Find out what companion mode is and how – and when – to use it.

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May 2024: Google Meet and Google Workspace Update Recap

May 2024 saw the introduction of new Google Meet Hardware framing modes, livestreaming enhancements, Google Drive file previews and much more. Catch up here.

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Tips to Optimise Your Gmail Inbox

A collection of tips and tricks for optimising the layout of your inbox so that you see more of what's relevant.

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April 2024: Google Meet and Google Workspace Update Recap

Catch up on all of the updates across Google Meet and Google Workspace from April 2024, including whiteboarding news, annotations and dark mode.

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A Day in the Life of a Google Meet User

Discover how to leverage the range of Google Meet Hardware for different teams and requirements by following Lauren through her workday and meeting-packed agenda.

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