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Jamboard AUE: What to Expect as the Google Whiteboarding Device and App Wind Down

A breakdown of what to expect as Jamboard support is ended by Google, including the exciting replacement experiences on Board 65 and Desk 27.

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January 2024: Google Meet and Google Workspace Update Recap

A look through all of the platform updates and new features for January 2024 across Google Meet and Google Workspace.

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Top Gmail productivity features for getting more done

A collection of tips, tricks and features to use when sending emails to get the most out of Gmail. Create templates, leverage machine learning and more to improve your workflow.

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How to make your hybrid Google Meet calls more inclusive

Host your hybrid meetings with confidence and help everyone feel heard, seen and represented with these tips for creating an equitable meeting experience for both in-room and remote participants.

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Highlights from 2023: Google Workspace Update Recap

A round-up of some of 2023's biggest updates to Google Workspace, including new features for Gmail, Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, Google Chat and more.

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