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ChromeOS Flex

ChromeOS Flex is the easy and sustainable way to give life and a new purpose to an ageing fleet of legacy devices. It's easy to deploy and even easier to test.

ChromeOS Flex can boot from a USB drive for evaluation, providing a convenient way to discover the benefits of a cloud-first operating system. It can then be installed onto the device for a great ChromeOS experience on Windows and Mac devices.

Repurposing older devices is a sustainable way of modernising devices and avoiding unnecessary e-waste. ChromeOS Flex on Windows and Mac devices is:

  • Fast, and doesn’t slow down over time, with automatic system updates that happen in the background
  • Protected against viruses, ransomware, phishing and other threats
  • Easy to deploy and can be remotely managed with Chrome Enterprise*
  • A sustainable solution, reducing e-waste by giving a second life to ageing devices

*Chrome Enterprise licences are available from Gecko.

How it works

The evaluation and deployment of ChromeOS Flex follows three simple steps:

  • Step 1: create a bootable drive to evaluate ChromeOS Flex
  • Step 2: install ChromeOS Flex to the Windows or Mac device to replace the current operating system
  • Step 3: deploy ChromeOS Flex across the organisation

For more detailed instructions, Gecko recommends this Google Support article.

When to consider ChromeOS Flex

ChromeOS Flex can be used as a tool for learning more about ChromeOS or for large-scale deployments, and everything in between. These are just a few use cases:

  • To keep using legacy devices and avoid the e-waste associated with unnecessary replacements
  • As a first step towards evaluating a full-scale ChromeOS rollout featuring Chromebook and Chromebox devices
  • To deploy a kiosk or digital signage solution

Chrome Enterprise

Chrome Enterprise unlocks the enterprise capabilities of ChromeOS Flex, allowing for remote administration and the management of 500+ device policies in the Google Admin panel.

Chrome Enterprise upgrades are available for enterprise, non-profit organisations and education institutions as well as a dedicated upgrade type for kiosk and digital signage deployments.

How to get started

Get started by installing ChromeOS Flex to a USB drive and booting from it on a legacy Windows or Mac device. Instructions found above.

Contact Gecko with questions or for guidance with acquiring Chrome Enterprise upgrades. Email Gecko at info@GeckoTech.cloud.