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Bespoke Solutions for Google Meet Hardware: Open Spaces, Town Halls, Divisible Rooms & More

For most rooms, one of the many preconfigured Google Meet Hardware room solutions will be perfect. For other rooms, you may have requirements that go beyond the standard bundles and you want to look for bespoke solutions. These solutions can cover a variety of room types and use cases:

  • Large spaces
  • Open spaces
  • Teaching or training spaces
  • Divisible rooms
  • Multi-purpose rooms
  • Boardrooms
  • Town hall or all-hands meeting spaces

Bespoke solutions are generally based around the following Google Meet-qualified DSPs (digital signal processors):

  • Q-SYS by QSC
  • TesiraForté by BiAmp
  • Shure P300

Tailor-made solutions like these will help you unlock the value of your high-impact spaces, whether that’s highly-trafficked meeting rooms, customer demonstration spaces or the canteen from which your CEO delivers their quarterly all-hands presentation.

If you have any spaces where you want to do something different, get in touch. We would be happy to chat about your requirements and see what can be achieved. Contact us at info@GeckoTech.cloud.

Examples of Q-SYS solutions in high-impact spaces:

Divisible room

An animated video shows a 3D diagram of a Q-SYS solution for Google Meet in a divisible room. The video begins by showing two separate meeting rooms with a partition wall in the middle. The two rooms are labelled “A” and “B”. In each room there are two screens on the wall at the front, several tables and chairs, two cameras, ceiling speakers and ceiling microphones. As the partition wall is removed, the rooms are combined and the Q-SYS solution adapts to the space. A new label appears, reading “A + B”.

Training space

An animated video shows a 3D diagram of a Q-SYS solution for Google Meet in a training space. At the front of the space there are two screens, two speakers, a camera and a person standing in front of a podium. There are several desks and chairs around the room, along with ceiling microphones, ceiling speakers and a camera on the wall at the back of the room. As the speaker moves away from the podium and across to the other side of the room, the camera at the back of the room automatically pans so that it frames the speaker.


An animated video shows a 3D diagram of a Q-SYS solution for Google Meet in a boardroom. There is one large table in the middle of the room with several chairs. Four cameras are placed around the room, along with ceiling microphones and speakers, two screens and a whiteboard. There are two people sitting at the table and one person standing up. As different people speak, the system switches between the cameras to show the person speaking.