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An image of a meeting room in an active call. In the centre of the table is a Logitech Sight. To the left-hand side, a Logitech Tap can be seen lit up with meeting controls. Behind the table is a Rally Bar and a TV screen mounted on the wall, which shows participants in the call.

Logitech Sight


Introducing Logitech Sight, the new AI-powered tabletop conference camera designed to ensure that everyone in hybrid meetings is represented equally – no matter where they are or how they are joining.

Logitech Sight works together with the Logitech Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini, making it a great addition to enhance your meeting spaces.

Logitech Sight is expected to be available this year.

Multiple viewpoints for a better perspective

Working together with the Logitech Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini, Sight uses audiovisual cues to intelligently detect and frame people, letting the camera choose between front-of-room or tabletop views to present the best view of in-room participants.

See everyone clearly

With dual 4K cameras and a 315° video capture, Sight captures everyone around the table so that they can feel seen in meetings.

A short video of smart switching between the Logitech Rally Bar and Logitech Sight in a meeting room. A 315° light purple circle is overlaid on the image of six participants sitting at the table to represent the field of view from the Logitech Sight. Within that circle, a dark purple sector is placed over one participant to indicate the Sight has identified this person as the active speaker. As the speaker shifts their body position to face the front of the room, the dark purple sector disappears and is replaced by a dark purple triangle coming from the Rally Bar showing that the video feed of the speaker is now provided by the Rally Bar instead of the Sight.

Easy installation

The three included mounts make it easy to install Sight in any meeting space. Integrated cable management helps keep tables clean and cables secure.

Clear meeting controls

Mic mute controls allow you to quickly mute and unmute all microphones in the room (including additional mic pods) with only a single tap. LED indicator lights make it easy to see information at a glance, including the camera on/off status, mute status, and more. Slide the magnetic privacy shield down to quickly switch off video capture whilst still using the microphone and mute controls.


For even more coverage in larger meeting spaces, daisychain* two Logitech Sight devices alongside additional Rally Mic Pods. Supported configurations:

  • Rally Bar with 1 Sight: Up to 3 Rally Mic Pods
  • Rally Bar with 2 Sight: Up to 2 Rally Mic Pods
  • Rally Bar Mini with 1 Sight: Up to 2 Rally Mic Pods
  • Rally Bar Mini with 2 Sight: Up to 1 Rally Mic Pods

*Sight daisychaining coming as a software update after launch

What’s in the box:

  • Logitech Sight Camera with safety belt
  • Sight dongle
  • Mic Pod dongle
  • Cable clips
  • Table mount
  • Grommet mount
  • Tripod mount
  • Privacy shade

Note: Logitech Sight requires Rally Bar or Rally Bar Mini to function. Smart switching and daisychaining will be available after launch.

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