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An image of the Logitech Rally Mic Pod in graphite.

Logitech Rally Mic Pod


Bring high-quality, crystal-clear conferencing audio to your meeting spaces with the Rally Mic Pod – designed exclusively for the Logitech Rally family of meeting room solutions.

Available in graphite and white.

Hear every voice clearly

Each mic pod has four microphones to ensure clear pickup from 4.5 metres (15 feet). With RightSound™ technology to auto-level voices, suppress background noises and reduce echo, the Rally Mic Pod ensures every voice sitting around the table can be heard clearly and equally.

Easy mute control

Quickly mute and unmute during a meeting with the easy-access mute button. Get clear, visual confirmation of mute status with the LED indicator lights.


Expand coverage in larger meeting spaces by daisychaining multiple Rally Mic pods together, including with Logitech Sight. Supported configurations:

  • Rally System with 1 Rally Mic Pod: Up to 6 additional Rally Mic Pods
  • Rally Plus with 2 Rally Mic Pods: Up to 5 additional Rally Mic Pods
  • Rally Bar: Up to 4 Rally Mic Pods
  • Rally Bar with Sight: Up to 3 Rally Mic Pods
  • Rally Bar Mini: Up to 3 Rally Mic Pods
  • Rally Bar Mini with Sight: Up to 2 Rally Mic Pods

Compatible Google Meet solutions

The Rally Mic Pod is compatible with the following Logitech Room Solutions for Google Meet:

Multiple mounting options

With multiple mounting options, it’s easy to install the Rally Mic Pod in any meeting space. The Table/Ceiling Mount lets you secure mic pods to the table or the ceiling and hides cables for a clean, finished look. For rooms with higher ceilings and tables that can’t have permanent fixtures, the Pendant Mount lets you hang mic pods from the ceiling to bring conversations within reach.

The Table/Ceiling Mount is available in graphite or white.
The Pendant Mount is available in white.

An image with the Logitech Rally Mic Pod mounts. On the left-hand side, the pendant mount in white can be seen hanging from a ceiling. On the right-hand side, the table/ceiling mount in graphite is being mounted to the edge of a table.

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