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An image of the front of the Humly Room Display. The room name and details of the next meeting are all visible on the display. The LED lights around the edge of the screen are green to indicate the room is currently available.

Humly Room Display


Get more from your meeting spaces with the Humly Room Display – the interactive, simple-to-use room booking panel that makes it easy for teams to find and book the right meeting space at the right time.

Make it easy

The Humly Room Display lights up to tell you the status of the connected room – by default, green for available, red for busy and yellow for upcoming meetings – to make it easy to see the availability of each room at a distance. No second-guessing and no need to interrupt ongoing meetings to check when a meeting is about to end.

The LED colours can be customised; use it to match brand colours, the surroundings or to bring joy to meeting spaces.

Reclaim lost time

Enable check-in on the Humly platform to encourage users to confirm usage of the meeting space. Alternatively, make check-in mandatory and let Humly free up meeting rooms where nobody checked in to reclaim hours upon hours of unused meeting room time.

Exercise control

View and manage meetings with ease on the Humly Room Display. From the panel, users can see upcoming meetings; extend ongoing meetings; book, modify and cancel upcoming meetings; report room issues; and more. Admins can disable panel functions or require authentication before certain actions are performed.

Clean installation

The Humly Room Display has mounting options for both standard and glass walls. Cables are kept hidden away with secure and integrated cable management. The display can be powered by PoE or with an optional DC power supply.

Compatibility with Google Workspace, Google Calendar and Google Meet

The Humly Room Display is fully certified for Google Workspace and seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar. From the Humly Cloud Panel, manage your Humly Room Display and assign a room calendar to each device. 

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