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Hangouts Meet Hardware: Huddly Camera Bundle


Make meetings easier.

The Hangouts Meet Hardware is the new bundle available for using Hangouts Meet, Google’s enterprise-friendly communications platform. Meet with anyone, anywhere; get connected easily for better team collaboration. With Hangouts Meet, join instantly from calendar invitations or with easy one-click URL access. Up to 250 participants can join the high-quality videocall for seamless collaboration.

The Hangouts Meet Hardware features a Chromebox-3 powered by an Intel® Core™ i7-8550U Processor and a 4K UHD camera with a wide 120º field of view making sure all your room’s attendees can be seen – and auto-zoom keeps the image focused on them.

The included speaker-microphone box employs echo-cancelling and background noise-suppressing technology to make sure everyone is heard; up to five units can be daisy-chained for larger rooms. The Mimo touchscreen control panel both allows for one-touch meeting management and features an HDMI input which opens up additional ways to present. The 4K camera features some intelligent digital pan-tilt-zoom functionality, allowing it to automatically scale its image to fit the number of participants in the room.

As qualified peripherals, you can have peace-of-mind that the Huddly camera, Mimo touchpanel and Google speaker-microphone are always receiving the latest software updates via the Chromebox, keeping them up-to-date, protected and feature-rich.

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What do I get?

The price you see above includes:

  • ASUS Chromebox-3 for Hangouts Meet - Powered by an Intel® Core™ i7-8550U Processor
  • Google Hangouts Meet Speakermic
  • Huddly GO, 4K/120° camera
  • Mimo touchscreen control panel
  • First year's licence, including management and support fee

*The camera features 4K image capture, Images are displayed in 720p to allow for a digital 4X zoom without a loss in quality.

See the full contents of the Hangouts Meet Hardware get unboxed:


View the full Hangouts Meet Hardware spec sheet (PDF).

View information on the international expansion of dial-in capabilities for Hangouts Meet (PDF).

Hangouts Meet Hardware: Huddly Camera Bundle is also known as the G214U or N7048U. Chromebox-3 is also known as the Chromebox CN65.


Please contact us for further information at info@GeckoTech.cloud, including for shipments outside the UK.

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